I started my Sunday hospital call shift wistfully thinking, 'I could be at the pool right now'. But the delivery experience I had right before going home reminded me of why I love what I do. Even if it makes me work weekends or week nights or on Black Friday, this is the job for me!
  1. I reassured the very worried husband that his baby girl was doing okay and that the doctors don't need to sit in the room with them at all times.
    We have all the fetal heart tracings of the laboring patients on a computer monitor where we chart just outside the rooms. Also, we had 3 other complicated patients and triage was filling up. There was no MD to spare to sit there until delivery. He was not at all demanding. Just very sweetly telling us he is worried about his baby and apologized for his "bad English."
  2. I convinced the patient to try a vacuum vaginal delivery instead of a C-section after she became exhausted from pushing and the baby's heart rate dipped down.
    It's nice when patients appreciate your recommendations!
  3. We got the baby's head out with NO pop offs (vacuum cup popping off the baby's head)!
    You're only allowed 3 pop offs.
  4. We cut a tight umbilical nuchal cord wrapped around the baby's neck after the shoulder was out.
    This nuchal cord was so tight, it was like a leash keeping the baby's body inside the uterus. (This is probably why the fetal heart rate kept going down.) Baby's face was turning blue, so we cut! I've only had to cut a nuchal before the baby's body was delivered twice in my career. Nuchal cords are usually loose enough to "reduce" or pull over the baby's head to release it.
  5. She had no vaginal tears (perineal lacerations)!
  6. The teary-eyed dad gave me a bear hug and said, "Thank you. Thank you for everything, doctor."
  7. The baby's teary-eyed tween older sister hugged me next.
  8. The exhausted mom held my hand and thanked me in Spanish.
  9. Baby girl had pink, chubby cheeks and was cleared by the pediatrician to stay with mom.
    She looked very pleased to be wrapped up in a baby burrito + little knit cap and immediately snuggled up to mom. 😍