I got to reread one of my old lists today (thanks @angusisley !) that I'm repurposing: WHAT I LEARNED WORKING AT NORDSTROM'S MEN'S DEPARTMENT Nordstrom teaches their employees the importance of integrity and kindness. Maybe president Trump can learn a thing or two.
  1. Use good judgement in all situations.
    Literally, rule #1 for basically any situation.
  2. The "D" means you need to check in with your department.
    And maybe check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  3. How to fold a wall of jeans that jokingly says "Lucky You"
    This is one wall you can build without drawing protesters.
  4. Nordstrom has the best return policy.
    Because Nordstrom values people! They want people to come back. They'll welcome you with a warm smile and ask how they can assist you. You'll feel so grateful and appreciated that you'll be a loyal customer for life.
  5. Don't judge a customer by their clothes.
    Or, you know, their skin color, gender or disabilities
  6. Never button the third button on a suit jacket.
    But, um, still button the top two? And maybe get a tie clip? I'm just saying...Nordstrom has very stylish tie clips.
  7. Working in the men's department >> women's department
    You'll think so only if you're short-sighted and missing the big picture. Recognize that without support from women, success will elude you. Sure, women can be opinionated when they are thoughtful in their decisions. Don't be sad if they won't take your advice. Don't be afraid to hear what they have say. Most women know what they want and what's best for them. Sorry that bothers you.
  8. 🙋🏻
    Love you