In order of what was emptied out of my clinic white coat before I tossed it in the laundry bin. TGIF! 🎉
  1. Pen
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    I started out with four and somehow ended up with just one by the end of the clinic day. This is my favorite pen! It draws clean, thin lines so I don't get any smudging. Also, it's called O.B. 🏆
  2. Surgilube packets
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    I'm always ready to perform a pelvic exam.
  3. Condoms
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    No, not for co-worker sexy times à la Grey's Anatomy, but to cover the vaginal probe for pelvic ultrasounds. Still, I was pretty mortified when some fell out of my pocket at the hospital in front of a general surgeon.
  4. Fetal doppler
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    to hear the fetal heartbeat during prenatal visits
  5. Measuring tape
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    to measure the pregnant patient's uterine fundal height
  6. Silver nitrate sticks
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    to cauterize a bleeding biopsy site (don't worry, the poison warning is to prevent people from ingesting it)
  7. Alcohol swabs
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    because I'm a germaphobe and always wipe down my stethoscope or my pen if I let someone borrow it
  8. A hand drawn picture of the uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes
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    I was showing the patient what organs would be removed during her hysterectomy. Not my best work, but it got the job done!
  9. iPhone
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    with all my medical apps!
  10. Prescription pad
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  11. Business cards in a card case
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    with the Backline clinic number for patients to bypass the frustrating call center
  12. Tea bag packet
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    Clinic was so busy yesterday that I never got around to making my tea!
  13. Partially eaten chocolate bar
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    that I bought from my medical assistant to support her son's school fundraiser
  14. Lip balm
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    Because who wants to see a doctor with dry, chapped lips?
  15. Extra hair tie
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    In case I have to perform an unexpected procedure