Man, oh man, do I love a good cry sometimes! Any of these will do it for me 😭
  1. This Woman's Work by Kate Bush
    From beginning to end (but mostly the end), I will bawl my eyes out.
  2. The Johnny Walker Dear Brother spec ad
    Just...I mean, gah! It's so sad 😩 http://youtu.be/gG4TfA3_u4I
  3. Hurt by Johnny Cash covering NIN
    Ow, my heart! 💔
  4. Adam's Song by Blink182
    "Please tell Mom this is not her fault" gets me every time.
  5. The English Patient opening scene
    She looks like she's sleeping, but she's dead, you guys!! (No spoiler alert because you should have seen this already 😬)
  6. War Horse (film)
    I watch it with tears streaming silently down my face...and I love it!
  7. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
    The video makes me cry even more.
  8. How To Save a Life by The Fray
    There's a reason it was used on both Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs.
  9. The Budweiser puppy commercial, 2015
    I know, I'm such a sucker. But the Clydesdales broke out of stable to rescue him! I mean, come on!! 😪 http://youtu.be/xAsjRRMMg_Q
  10. Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin
    This list wouldn't be complete without this song.
  11. The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics
    "It's too late when we die to admit we don't see eye to eye." I have cried in my dentist's chair while getting a routine check up. Change the radio station, please!!