The fastest way to describe something is to compare it to something else. And everyone knows food! @ohsteph and @sally Did I miss any?
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    Chocolate cyst of the ovary 🍫
    Endometrioma or endometriosis of the ovary. The cyst fills with endometrial tissue originally from the uterus. When it ruptures it looks like chocolate syrup spilling out. Not yum and super sticky.
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    Pea/lemon/grapefruit size mass 🍋
    This is how we describe masses based on feel during a physical exam. Patients understand this better than measurement in centimeters (darn SI units!)
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    Café au lait spot ☕️
    Pigmented birthmark
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    Pea soup meconium 🍵
    When baby poop in the amniotic fluid looks thick like pea soup
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    Strawberry cervix 🍓
    Don't be fooled by this fun name. 😟 This bright red cervix is caused by Trichomoniasis or "trich", which is sexually transmitted. Luckily, it is easily treated with antibiotics!
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    Cherry angioma 🍒
    Round dark red/purple colored superficial collection of blood vessels on the skin
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    Peau d'orange (orange peel skin) 🍊
    Describes the dimpled appearance of skin swollen by inflammation, poor lymphatic drainage or a certain type of breast cancer
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    Blueberry muffin rash 🔵
    Bluish spots on the head, trunk, arms, legs of an infant that may be caused by Rubella or other congenital infections
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    Port wine stain 🍷
    Dark purple birthmark
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    Coffee ground emesis ☕️
    Describes the vomit from a person with an upper gastrointestinal bleed, like an ulcer. The gastric acid oxidizes the iron in red blood cells and makes it look like coffee grounds.
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    Cottage cheese discharge 🍨
    Yeast infection. (And I'm taking artistic license using this dessert emoji.)
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    Cauliflower lesion 💭
    A bumpy, raised mass on the skin. The ones I see are usually genital warts or polyps. (And yes, I know that emoji is probably a thought bubble. This is getting hard!)
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    Maple syrup urine 🇨🇦
    Caused by an inherited metabolic disorder that leads to sweet smelling urine in infants. (Canada is known for maple syrup, right? Close enough.)
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    Currant Jelly Sputum 🍞 (cuz jelly goes on toast?)
    Bacteria from one particular pneumonia (Klebsiella) make your phlegm look like currant jelly!
    Suggested by @sally
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    Apple green birefringence 🍏
    What amyloid (a protein that deposits in tissue) looks like when stained with Congo red under polarized light.
    Suggested by @ohsteph
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    Drunken honeycomb 🐝🍺
    When pathologists look at pancreas fine needle aspirations under a microscope, benign cells are arranged in an orderly fashion, resembling a honeycomb. Cancerous cells are all jumbled up and disorderly, hence the "drunken honeycomb".
    Suggested by @ohsteph
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    Popcorn cells 🌽
    The malignant cells of lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma resemble popcorn...apparently pathologists are always hungry.
    Suggested by @ohsteph