By no means am I, a single gal in her 30s, a relationship expert. But I have noticed that age and a change in priorities over time have made me approach the early stages of dating differently. The anxiety and stress is now a lot less and I feel more sane. 😊 *Most important lesson*: You will never regret NOT sending that text. Put the phone down.
  1. 20s: Its been an hour since I left a voicemail/texted! Ugh, he doesn't like me. 😢
  2. 30s: Eh, maybe he's busy.
  3. 20s: I know he has his phone on him. It's been SIX hours! Is he just ignoring me now??
    Call my best friend to lament, dissect all our interactions, and get advice. (In retrospect, what I really needed was a verbal slap in the face.)
  4. 30s: Ugh, work was so busy today. Oh, hm, he hasn't responded. I know he always has his phone on him. Meh 😏
    Feeling less excited about him. Going to catch up on Pretty Little Liars with a glass on wine.
  5. 20s: It's been a full 24 hours now. Maybe I should text/call him again? Like a breezy 'How's your day going?'
    And then I do it because I'm stupid. And then I hate myself for being desperate.
  6. 30s: Hmm, I can't remember what our last couple texts were after he texted me 'Good Morning.' Maybe my last text seemed too curt or dismissive?
    Review texts and decide: Nope, I'm good. Let's just wait and see...
  7. 20s: Ok, it's been TWO days! It's over. I'm hideous! Will die sad and alone 😢😩
  8. 30s: Oooh, a comedy show with Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer! I wonder if Nicole or Amy want to go...
  9. 20s: The whole weekend has come and gone! I bet he was out with another girl. Or multiple girls! I'm going to give him the cold shoulder the next time I see him around.
    My best friend is now patiently "Uh-huh"-ing on the phone. I could do better, she says. I don't believe her. Lots of dramatic flopping on the bed ensues, followed by a furious work out at the gym. (Where did all that energy go?) Also, I will later regret acting aloof towards him when we run into each other on campus as it is weird and crazy.
  10. 30s: Damn, that 24 hour hospital call shift was rough! Am going to sleep all day until my bladder wakes me up.
  11. 20s: I think I acted a little too weird because now he's being weird. Why did I do that?
    Yes, why?
  12. 30s: Well, I guess I'll write him off now--Oh, he texted. With lots of emoticons, too. Wants to do something this week. 😏
    Make him work for it a little. I'm less interested now, but we'll see how things go. At least I got a list out of it!