1. My parents
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    [pre-school through elementary school] They had some cool albums and my dad made great mixed tapes. Do you know any other 6 year old Asian girls who can sing "Knock Three Times?" I didn't think so.
  2. The Wherehouse
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    [elementary school and junior high] I have so many good memories of going to the local Wherehouse to buy cassette singles with my friends.
  3. Columbia House Music
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    [junior high] Was this not the craziest scheme? Must read this NPR article: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/08/11/431547925/8-cds-for-a-penny-company-files-for-bankruptcy "Baby's First Mail Fraud" haha
  4. Tower Records
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    [high school and college] There was something about that bright yellow sign with red block lettering that made me excited to go in and riffle through all the CDs. (Clack, clack, clack)
  5. Second hand stores (Goodwill, Savers, etc)
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    Did I buy a Duran Duran vinyl record at Savers? Yes. And I loved it!
  6. Rasputin Music
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    [college] You can't go to Berkeley and not go inside Rasputin!
  7. Amoeba Music
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    [college] As above ⤴️ But I only went here couple times because the area around it was super sketchy.
  8. Napster
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    [college] But you can't prove it!
  9. LimeWire
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    [college] post-Napster and still on the rebellious music download high
  10. iTunes
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    [post-grad and beyond] I guess this is how it is now 😏 I miss physical liner notes.