Where Your Favorite Happy Endings Actor Went

Listpiration: @eatthelove told me there will be a table reading of an unaired Happy Endings script at EW PopFest! Could it be all the stars have aligned for a Happy Endings Resurrection?? (fingers crossed)
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    Eliza Coupe
    Benched, 2014. She played Nina, a driven lawyer who went from corporate law to a job at an understaffed public defender's office. The show also starred Jay Harrington (from Better Off Ted 😍) and Oscar Nunez (from The Office). I liked this show well enough, but could never figure out when it was on so mostly watched it On Demand. It should have been given a little more time.
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    Adam Pally
    The Mindy Project, 2013. He played Dr. Peter Prentice, a frat bro of an OB/GYN who was honestly my favorite of all of Mindy's friends. Then he up and left as a regular character in 2015! 🤔
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    Casey Wilson
    Marry Me, 2014. She played Annie, who became newly engaged to Jake (the awesome Ken Marino). Together they made an adorably clueless couple. I liked the Happy Endings-ish vibe and John Gemberling's more lovable version of Zach Galifianakis's character from The Hangover. However, something about it just didn't work. I wasn't surprised when it was cancelled, but was hoping for some more episodes.
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    Damon Wayans, Jr.
    New Girl, 2013. He returned as Coach. He had left the show after Happy Endings was picked up for a second season. Coach's character was a good foil for all the wacky characters living in that apartment. I started watching the show more once he became a regular. Then it was announced he was leaving the show again in 2015 🤔
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    Zachary Knighton
    Weird Loners, 2015. He played Stosh, a womanizing and selfish sales guy who loses his job and finagles his way into living with a naive cousin, Eric. It also stars Becki Newton (from Ugly Betty) as his neighbor/love interest. The show wasn't bad. It could have used a little more time to get its bearings. I remember not liking Parks and Rec as much in its first season, then loving it later.
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    Elisha Cuthbert
    One Big Happy, 2015. She played Lizzy, a lesbian who is pregnant with her best friend Luke's baby. Alas, Luke (Nick Zano) has fallen in love with a bubbly and voluptuous British woman, Prudence (the gorgeous Kelly Brook). I wanted to like this show, but it was not great. Elisha Cuthbert could definitely shine better elsewhere.
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    Please, please, please bring Happy Endings back
    This EW article about the cast reunion in May seems promising ... http://www.ew.com/article/2016/05/22/happy-endings-reunion-panel