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A combination list request from @sally and @AlexandraLouise -- Thank you for the opportunity to reflect πŸ’— and for sharing your own experiences. πŸ’ž I actually went to med school thinking I'd go into Dermatology. I even did research in Derm at Stanford. But when I got to med school I fell in love with OB/GYN. Here's why...
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    I get to deliver babies!! 😍😝☺️
    Delivering a baby is a truly amazing experience. I always remind my med students that it's an honor to be the first person to greet a newborn as he or she is coming into the world. (Happy Birthday, Little One!) That someone trusts me enough to put her life and her precious baby's life in my hands is...profound. I treasure it!
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    I get to do surgery!!
    I love working with my hands and having instantaneous results. So satisfying! I can make a big difference in a patient's life by removing a huge fibroid uterus that causes heavy bleeding or treat painful endometriosis implants. Surgery still has an art to it and I enjoy learning different techniques to improve outcome, efficiency, and aesthetics. (The scars are the only thing the patient sees!) Plus, I love being in the OR. The surgeon, anesthesiologist, scrub tech, RN--we're all a team!
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    I like how dynamic things can be.
    If you've ever been in Labor and Delivery, you know it can be crazy! It will be quiet and suddenly "the bus rolls in" with 4 women in active labor or a baby's heart rate tanks and we called a STAT C-section. Then it's go-go-go!! All the beeping, dinging, tock-tock-tock of the fetal heart monitors, counts to 10, shouts of encouragement, etc is so normal to me now. I can't imagine life without it. Other days, I'll have my time in clinic or the OR. I like the mix!
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    I get to care for women of almost all ages πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ‘΅πŸΌ
    My patients have different needs/issues depending on where they are in life: Contraception counseling, Preconception counseling, Prenatal visits, Family Planning, Infertility, Menopause counseling--all are interesting! Unlike some, I really enjoy the first GYN visit with a teen. It allows me to educate them before they get misinformation and allay any fears. I'm honest with them, but keep things light. I want them to come back and feel free to ask me questions!
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    I can be the family OB/GYN
    One of my favorite visits are when the mom and daughter come for their annuals on the same day. Or even better--when the mom accompanies her daughter for a contraception counseling visit. I always tell the patient how awesome her mom is for being supportive! πŸ’žMy dream is to deliver a patient's daughter and after several years, her grandchild, too! Some of my colleagues near retirement have done this and I can't wait. ☺️
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    I still get to "see" kids and men
    Partners of my patients or soon to be fathers have lots of questions, too. I encourage my patients to bring their partners to infertility counseling or preconception counseling visits because they're in it together! I love seeing kids at prenatal visits, too. I can usually coax a smile out of them by letting them hold the doptone probe on mom's belly to hear the heartbeat of their little sister/brother. Their look of wonder is so cute! 😍
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    I admire and respect a lot of the people who have gone into the field.
    My 1st year med school mentor, Dr. Bray, was everything I wanted to be. Whip smart, witty, matter of fact, caring, cool, accomplished, attractive, not afraid to drop an F bomb here and there, compassionate, and a really great teacher. In the years since then, I've worked with many (both female and male) who have similar qualities.
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    It's challenging, emotional, rewarding, and ultimately, the best fit for me!