1. Zoonosis
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    Animal disease capable of being transmitted to people
  2. Vivisepulture
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    Burying someone alive
  3. Anthropophagus
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  4. Agathokakological
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    Composed of good and evil
  5. Fard
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    To apply cosmetics
  6. Malison
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  7. Gleet
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    Filth that is sticky, slimy, or greasy from a bodily orifice.
  8. Horripilation
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  9. Languginous
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    Covered in soft fur
  10. Barathrum
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  11. Gelid
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    Ice cold
  12. Teratology
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    Monster-containing storytelling
  13. Noctivagant
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  14. Cleptobiosis
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    Plundering of food
  15. Tatterdemalion
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    Someone wearing ragged clothing