Some really good documentaries this month. Check them out!
  1. The True Cost (2015), 10/10
    I put off watching this one for a while because I knew it would change my shopping habits, but I'm glad I finally did. This is a thorough breakdown of how the garment industry exploits workers (sometimes killing them with negligence), polluting the environment (second only to oil companies), and harming the farmers with chemicals. It's a must-watch.
  2. My Beautiful Broken Brain (2016), 8/10
    Kinda not the best documentary for a hypochondriac to watch. This is the story about a young woman's recovery journey after suffering a massive stroke and how she learns to navigate a world around her while experiencing new sensations. I've never seen a documentary done like this—much of the imagery is manipulated—and I don't know that I would welcome it as a stylistic trend, but it works for this movie.
  3. Terms and Conditions May Apply (2013), 8/10
    Time to delete Facebook. This documentary delves deep into what those terms and conditions we are always agreeing to really are. It's not good. One company even had some customers signing over their immortal souls. As a joke?
  4. Jeremy Scott: the People's Designer (2015), 7/10
    The cold open on this doc felt almost like it was Jeremy Scott's personal propaganda; thankfully it shifted gears. There wasn't a lot of depth to this film, but, much like his clothes, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. My favorite part of this doc though is Paris Hilton's lower third: TV personality/DJ