Everyone is sick of that person who is soooo into British TV shows and thinks they are in a league above everyone for it. But people who feel that way about Australian shows? So much cooler. These are some of my favorites. What are yours?
  1. Kath and Kim
    I really miss this show! A mother-daughter duo are played by Jane Turner and Gina Riley (they're the same age!) who are delightfully tacky and delusional. You'll like this if you like: the Office
  2. Please Like Me
    This witty and insightful show is about Josh (played by creator Josh Thomas) trying to navigate his way through 20-something life. I love the first few episodes when he gets his first boyfriend without having come out of the closet yet. Also has one of the best theme songs ever. You'll like this if you like: "Girls."
  3. Australia's Next Top Model
    Same format as the American version, but the judges are a little more nasty and there's more nudity. You'll like this if you like: "Breaking Bad". JK, "America's Next Top Model", obvi.
  4. Wentworth
    This is often compared to "Orange is the New Black" but being set in a women's prison is about where the comparison ends. This show is darker and more dangerous. You'll like this if you like: "Prison Break."
  5. The Real Housewives of Melbourne
    Not my favorite of the franchise, but it's up there. Where else can you hear disparaging remarks about a "bloke in a frock?" You'll like this is you like: the Real Housewives of anything.
  6. Summer Heights High
    Suggested by   @jmoyett
  7. Upper Middle Bogan
    Suggested by   @jpbateson
  8. The Moody Christmas and The Moodys
    Suggested by   @RStrout
  9. McLeod's Daughters
    Suggested by   @RStrout
  10. Love My Way
    Suggested by   @nonworkers