1. The Office, Michael's Birthday
    Mandatory ice skating with work people? No!
  2. That '70s Show, Eric's Birthday
    Laurie gets everything and Eric gets nothing! Except for that 8-track he SPECIFICALLY DIDN'T WANT!
  3. Friends, the One Where They All Turn 30
    Everyone is depressed about turning 30. Party! 🎂🎉🎈🎊
  4. The Big Bang Theory, the Peanut Reaction
    Wolowitz eats a peanut on purpose and has to be taken to the hospital. All in the name of stalling Leonard from the party. (Also, I hate this show, why do I still watch it?)
  5. Girls, She Said OK
    Karaoke AND a huge disturbing fight? Count me out (just because of the karaoke though).
  6. Modern Family, Fizbo
    Any party with a clown will be avoided.