1. Angry Beavers
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    This show gets far too little attention. It was hilarious then and just as funny now. And who could forget the original song "Beaver Fever?" What a gem...
  2. Daria
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    This could easily be #1. One of the best shows ever.
  3. Animaniacs
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    This show was bonkers! So creative and just off-the-wall nutso.
  4. Freakazoid
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    One of the best theme songs ever and the episode with Candle Jack gave me nightmares!
  5. Pinky and the Brain
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    See: Animaniacs. Poit!
  6. Pokemon
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    The original series. I used to come home every day and watch this while eating raw cookie dough. And I'm still alive!
  7. Hey, Arnold!
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    The ensemble cast is what makes this show so good. Helga, Harold, and of course his grandpa. But not Stoop Kid. Never Stoop Kid.
  8. Doug
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    Doug was kind of a wimp, again it's the supporting cast like his sister Judy, bf Skeeter Valentine, and of course nemesis Roger Klotz who were the real draws.
  9. Pepper Ann
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    Do you remember this show? I wanted to be her friend Nikki so bad.
  10. Johnny Bravo
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  11. Dexter's Lab
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    A show I was neither disappointed nor really happy when it was on. Maybe a little happy.
  12. Rocko's Modern Life
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    I remember this show could get a little gross. Kind of like a mild Ren and Stimpy.
  13. Powerpuff Girls
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    Who didn't want to be a Powerpuff Girl?!!! But the show was a little one dimensional for my tastes.
  14. Recess
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    Not really a funny show, but really resonated with me as a kid. Also they had one black kid and two girls, which is better than nothing.
  15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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    Def a good show. Nothing legitimately funny though.
  16. TaleSpin
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    I can't remember what I even liked about this show.
  17. Rugrats
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    I think the only reason I watched this show was for Phil and Lil.
  18. Catdog
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    Ugh. Terrible.