Thanks for this fun list request, @kpeter!
  1. Ned Stark
    Starting off strong here, I think. Not only is Eddard Stark noble to a fault (for real, it got him killed) but he's also a little scary in that don't-you-fucking-question-me dad way. And he loves being a father so much he even semi-adopted his nephew Jon Snow and claims him as his own!
  2. Nigel Thornberry
    He may seem naïve, but don't let that fool you: Nigel knows his shit. He's a master naturalist and survivalist and always has a positive attitude. Not only is he a documentarian, he's voiced by Tim Curry!!!
  3. Ozzy Osbourne
    "Hi. This is my dad: the fucking Prince of Darkness."
  4. Hal Wilkerson
    Hal is the kind of dad you would be SO embarrassed to have as a kid, but as you grow older you realize he was once an awesome guy with a motorcycle who was probably in jail a few times.
  5. Ramesh
    We didn't get to see much of him, but I get the feeling he's as cool as Dev's dad as he is as Aziz's dad.
  6. Red Forman
    I think this GIF speaks for itself.
  7. Tim Taylor
    Even as a kid I related more to Tim Taylor than his children (when I wasn't drooling over JTT). The Tool Man is kind of a doof, but he has his own TV show and seemed like the kind of guy you could play made-up games with.
  8. Jack Bristow
    Even though he seems scary and emotionally unavailable most of the time, he would seriously do anything for Sydney (and pretty much does). Things started off rocky for them in the beginning but transformed into a solid relationship. They're almost as close as Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner are in real life!
  9. Philip Banks
    Uncle Phil was more than just an uncle you would job shadow during high school. He was a father of four and he put up with Hilary and Carlton. He's also an uncle who semi-adopts his nephew (this kid named Will.)
  10. Keith Mars
    Keith is #1. What a cool relationship he has with daughter Veronica! They solve mysteries together for crying out crap!
  11. Cameron Tucker
    While a little over dramatic at times, Cam is the kind of dad who's going to show you how to throw a football while you're wearing the prom dress he made you. Probably dressed like a clown.
  12. Michael Bluth
    He's cool because I want to sleep with him, OK?
  13. Jesse Katsopolis
    See above.
  14. Carl Winslow
    My favorite thing about Carl was that face he would make when he was losing patience with Steve Urkle. Kind half smile, half maniacal grimace. Also anyone who marries Harriette is probably kind of badass.
  15. Abbi's dad
    This week's episode came just in time for this list! Abbi and her dad have their own handshake AND choreographed breakfast dance routine.