Inspired by @Grosstastic. Nothing will ever make me feel ok about what happened last week, but a few things have helped me forget. For a little while anyway.
  1. TV: 30 Rock and The Office
    The episode of 30 Rock I watched Wednesday morning had a Trump joke in the cold open but I was so numb it didn't even register. But since then for 22 minutes at a time I can enjoy something again.
  2. Games: Super Mario Bros 3
    It's just as fun as I remembered. Except on the Wii "A" is jump. What the fuck is that about?
  3. Books: Vampire Academy
    You can stop laughing now. I just needed some junk to read and I found out I legitimately like this book. The heroine isn't some love-struck wiener character and the clichés are minimal enough.
  4. @readjulia is a goddamn treasure.