These are fictional games played on TV and a brief description of rules (if there are any). A 🃏 means the rules are clear enough (or there's an actual game to buy) that you can play in real life.
  1. CharDee MacDennis, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia favorite. A game that involves completing challenges and advancing to each of the three stages. The team that reaches level 3 first gets to destroy their opponents' game pieces. (🃏 is questionable.)
  2. True American, New Girl
    A game that is 50% drinking, 50% Candy Land, and the floor is lava. The percentages aren't exact.
  3. Flonkerton, the Office 🃏
    Many games were included in the Office Olympiad, but this race of participants with paper boxes strapped to their feet is a favorite.
  4. Bamboozled, Friends
    A game based on general knowledge, advancing to different areas, spinning the wheel of mayhem fuck, I don't know.
  5. Marshgammon, How I Met Your Mother
    Combines the good parts from Candyland, I Never, Pictionary, and Poker. From Backgammon only the name is used. Marshall seems to be the only one to understand, but anyone who says "what" has to drink.
  6. Homonym!, 30 Rock
    A game show where the contestant tries to guess which spelling of a word the host is saying. Like "Oh, pear" or "Au Pair."
  7. Baby Crepe, Gilmore Girls 🃏
    For this game you roll up a baby in a blanket like a crepe and unfurl him for his enjoyment. Just don't roll him under the bed.
  8. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, the Big Bang Theory 🃏
    An amped up version of rock, paper, scissors. Not effective when everyone always chooses Spock.
  9. Cups, Friends
    The rules are Joey wins money.
  10. Spank the Monkey, Rocko's Modern Life
    Only one rule is known for this game: spank the monkey.
  11. Cones of Dunshire, Parks and Rec
    A board game in which you try to accumulate the most cones (and try to win Ben Wyatt's nerd heart?).
  12. Gold Case, 30 Rock
    Much like Deal or No Deal except with solid gold in one case. The player must guess which case had the gold! The trick is to see which case model is sweating the most.
  13. Mystic Warlords of Ka'a, the Big Bang Theory 🃏
    A card battle game. You can play on Facebook.
  14. Double Cranko, M*A*S*H
    A mash up of checkers, chess, poker, and gin rummy
  15. The Flying Dutchman's Treasure Hunt, SpongeBob SquarePants
    A pretty standard board game where the object is to roll dice and move your game piece into the center of the board.
  16. Jiggly Ball, Scrubs 🃏
    A player stands in the middle of a circle of people and has balls pelted at him. If an outer-circle member catches a rebound they get to move in closer for a kill shot.
  17. Penny Can, Cougar Town 🃏
    A drinking game that involves throwing pennies into an empty paint can.
  18. Tri-Dimensional Chess, Star Trek
    A lot like chess but with elevated levels.
  19. Colonizers of Malaar, 30 Rock
    Not a lot of rules available but seems to be a D & D situation.
  20. Tall Card, Firefly 🃏
    Like draw poker. You can actually buy this one.
  21. Don't Whiz on the Electric Fence, Ren & Stimpy
    I'm guessing it's like Operation but with urine?
  22. Gayle Force Winds, Bob's Burgers
    Roll the dice and move your game piece to that space and perform a task. But it's more than just a board game. It's about love and war and plagues and fantasy and fashion.
  23. Tool Time, Home Improvement
    This board game (created by Al) is based on the eponymous show within a show. Looks like fun except that it will spontaneously burst into flames.