Which has the better character: books or movies?
  1. Harry: Movies
    I always thought Daniel Radcliffe to be kind of goofy but now I actually think that worked in our favor. Main characters can so often be vanilla or downright annoying and I think this helped us like Harry more.
  2. Ron: Books
    There are entire movies where I can't understand what Ron is saying.
  3. Hermoine: Movies
    It seems like book Hermoine is always weeping, worrying about elves, and she slaps Malfoy instead of punching him. Also Emma Watson's eyebrows are their own character.
  4. Fred and George: Movies
    But just by a hair. Mostly because I like the idea of the twins being tall and lanky rather than short and squat.
  5. Voldemort: Movies
    I think we really needed to see Voldemort to know how truly gross and terrifying he is. Also one of his best moments is the wizard duel with Dumbledore, which isn't in the books.
  6. Snape: Movies
    Allan Rickman made Snape's every move mesmerizing. Rather than just being a creep, he exuded the pain and arrogance that come along with a past like Snape's and turned him into the most captivating character in any scene.
  7. Draco Malfoy: Movies
    Tom Felton is so amazing. Even in the first movie I would just be floored by the way he delivers his lines.
  8. Ginny: Books
  9. Dumbledore: Tie
    The greatest headmaster of all time cannot be ranked by this stupid list.
  10. Professor McGonagall: Movies
    It's Maggie Smith, so don't argue with me on this one.
  11. Luna Lovegood: Movies
    This was a tough call. But I think when an actor brings to life a character not only so fully realized as Luna, but an original one to boot, they deserve some 👏👏👏
  12. Neville Longbottom: Books
    Or movies. I don't know, I can't choose and I don't really care to.
  13. Sirius Black: OH MY GOD THAT WAS GARY OLDMAN?!!!
  14. Dobby: Ugh
  15. Hedwig: Books
    Hedwig actually had a personality in the books. She was proud and loyal. In the movies she was just some dumb bird that could have saved Harry's life merely by accident.
  16. Lavender Brown: Books
    At least in the books they don't change her skin color from black to white once she has a speaking part.
  17. Hagrid: Tie
    Hagrid is Hagrid
  18. Oliver Wood: Movies
    Obviously ❤️❤️❤️
  19. Overall: Movies for the win