1. Dexter
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  2. Bob's Burgers
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  3. Parks and Rec
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  4. How I Met Your Mother
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    Suit up!
  5. iZombie
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  6. Breaking Bad
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  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
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    Instructions: find all the colors; use every one.
  8. The Big Bang Theory
    65eb884a a0b7 4b87 8d00 f1e7d3c40601
  9. Weeds
    34c7bead b32e 4412 8bbc 0cd38f692592
  10. Twin Peaks
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    One-Eyed Jack's
  11. Silicon Valley
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    010011010110010101110010011100100111100100100000010000110110100001110010011010010111001101110100011011010110000101110011 (that's "Merry Christmas in binary code).
  12. Keeping up with the Kardashians
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    Selfie wrapping paper
  13. The Office
    Aaf54725 742c 41d8 9ae2 f5b99eb0dd89
  14. Lost
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    Polar bears
  15. The Last Man on Earth
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    A bacon-wrapped gift, from Tandy to Todd.