I love YA books. But a lot of them are predictable because they're so formulaic. If the writing is good and it's generally interesting then that's great. But usually the writing is weak or bland and I have to give up.
  1. The Protagonist
    A girl 16-17 years old. Must be incredibly self-sacrificing and probably is not afraid to speak her mind.
  2. The Power
    She usually has some sort of "gift," be it otherworldly, beauty, or a special skill.
  3. The Family Member
    The Girl is really close to her family, one member in particular. He/she will most likely die.
  4. The Old World
    A lot is wrong in the Girl's current world. People are oppressed, poor, and are just waiting for a teenager to free them.
  5. The New World
    This world is opulent and shiny, but also unsympathetic to the problems that exist outside of it. The Girl's power is her ticket in.
  6. The Old Boy
    She has an incredibly hunky boyfriend or male friend in her old life that she kinda sorta loves.
  7. The New Boy
    Obvs she'll end up with the new guy in the new world. A lot of times he's a prince or an angel.
  8. The Mentor
    In order to transition into the new world the Girl needs to be trained or taught by a cranky old master who turns out to be more than what he/she seems.
  9. The Personal Enemies
    There will be a privileged adult who is hell bent on destroying the Girl because she threatens the current way of life. You can also count on another girl age 16-17 of the high-and-mighty variety who hates our heroine. But the Girl will come to find she can overpower her.
  10. The Fight
    The most boring part for me: there is always a big fight, either between the Girl and the Big Bad or between the rebels and the oppressors.
  11. The End
    Surprise! The oppressive regime crumbles, the Girl gets together with Prince Angel, and they name their first born kid after her dead family member.