Kind of the only reason I still watch Brooklyn-99.
  1. She knows how to do an introduction
  2. 💯
  3. Is able to spot the potential in friends.
  4. Says what we were all afraid to...
  5. She laughs in the face of danger
  6. Has not seen The True Cost and doesn't plan to.
  7. Knows ripping the band aid off will be less painful for you.
  8. She will always call people out, but in a really nice way
  9. She's realistic about the effort she will put forth
  10. She knows the importance of feng shui
  11. I wouldn't.
  12. Her thoughts on why she would make a great President:
  13. She stands up for what's right!
  14. ...sorta
  15. So true.
  16. 😉
  17. Has never said "sorry not sorry" in her life
  18. Knows how to get what she wants.
  19. Gina's the best, fuck all the rest.
  20. No one will be mansplaining to her. No.
  21. Yes, I do: all of them.
  22. Will leave a lasting legacy for the betterment of all
  23. Who could ever be?
  24. She's honest about her feelings
  25. Standards.
  26. She loves gifts, just not whatever you got her
  27. This is how you practice for real life
  28. She's a very visual person
  29. Also auditory
  30. 🔮
  31. But those psychologists sure find her fascinating...
  32. No touchy.
  33. Knows daily affirmations are essential
  34. Thinks modesty is for suckers (and uggos)
  35. Obvs will watch Disney with you
  36. If she has a problem, she will make sure to offer a solution
  37. She's a great listener
  38. She knows how to make an exit