All available on Netflix (except O.J.).
  1. Virunga (2014) 10/10
    This plays out more like a thrilling action/war movie than a documentary. The people making the film really risked their lives to tell an incredible story. The Rangers of Virunga National Park in Congo are putting their lives on the line to protect the endangered mountain gorillas while the park is being invaded by a company aiming to drill there for oil.
  2. Tabloid (2010), 7/10
    This documentary was interesting but kind of vibrated on the same wavelength the whole time. There wasn't much of a build to a climax and I felt like it just kind of ended out of nowhere. But the story of this woman who held a Mormon missionary hostage as a sex slave while denying her salacious past deserves a watch.
  3. O.J. Made in America (2016), 10/10
    What else could possibly be said about this trial? A lot, it turns out. And much like Making a Murderer, I wondered at the outset how this could be 10 hours long. But it is a fascinating series. And it goes very in depth to O.J.'s beginnings and rise to fame, which is helpful for those of us who only knew him as post-trial O.J. We also got to see just how smoking hot he was back in the day and feel super uncomfortable about it.
  4. Twinsters (2015), 6/10
    In this real-life-straight-to-DVD Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie a 25-year-old girl finds out she has a long lost twin. It's an extraordinary story and I would have rated it higher but one of the girls really annoyed me.
  5. Tab Hunter Confidential (2015), 5/10
    I thought I would be more interested in the documentary about a closeted '50s film star, but much like Tabloid it lacked moments of intensity. What fascinated me the most was the glimpse into how movie studios worked back then, and how they handled their stars.