1. @joemurphy Maybe my favorite list ever. I probably think about it once a week.
  2. @kamina Such beautiful work that came from a terrible illness. These pictures stunned me.
  3. @dumbledore I was not shocked after reading this to learn this guy writes for Entertainment Weekly.
  4. @franksars Sorry, Frank. I know you've written more thoughtful, funny lists. But you are just so tall.
  5. @eekfreakwad A favorite list from a favorite person.
  6. @Boogie I remember this list so well because this list seems like it's describing a made-up movie villain.
  7. If this isn't art, I don't know what is. Come back, @aprilkquioh
  8. I used to feel a kinship with @ShawnKelly because we both had predominantly pink profile pics. I've moved on from pink but not from Shawn Kelly.
  9. Any and all Public Service Announcements
    @readjulia Elevating my cultural outlook.