All these are available on Netflix.
  1. The Hunting Ground (2015), 10/10
    Had to include a gif for this one because this is how I feel after watching this. Universities don't care when their students are attacked and sexually assaulted, only about the school's reputation and ultimately about $$$. Fuckers.
  2. The Barkley Marathon: the Race That Eats its Young (2014), 10/10
    A documentary about a marathon? That sounds terrrrible!!!! But it wasn't. It was great. And while the race sounds like my own personal nightmare (60 hours lost in the woods plus exercise) it made for really interesting subject matter. This is the kind of marathon where you're surprised no one has died. During the 25+ years it's been going, only 14 people have even finished it.
  3. Team Foxcatcher (2016), 7/10
    This story was made into a feature film starring Steve Carell and Channing Tatum which I didn't see. It's the tale of an über-rich psychopath who fostered a team of wrestlers and then fatally shot the beloved star in a fit of jealousy. This really is a stranger-than-fiction tale.
  4. The Central Park Five (2012), 9/10
    This documentary focuses on five teens who were wrongfully convicted in the 1989 case of the rape and violent assault on a female jogger in Central Park. Each spent 6-13 years in jail and what else? ...oh yeah, their lives were ruined. It's just yet another instance that stands as evidence for why it should be illegal to interrogate children.