1. When Jason Mesnik chose the wrong woman
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    Shocked. SHOCKED!
  2. When Nick Viall got dumped...again
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    It wasn't enough for us viewers to watch this slime ball get a quick jab to the nuts on national TV just once. Twice felt good though.
  3. When Ian attacks Kaitlyn
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    Said she's "just here to make out with a bunch of dudes" and goes on to congratulate himself for being so intelligent and well spoken. I would have felt bad for her if he wasn't so transparently insecure. (Also his apology to her later was mega fake.)
  4. When Kasey Kahl got a tattoo like a psychopath
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    To guard and protect Ali's heart. Or Vienna's.
  5. When Brad Womak chose NO ONE!
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    Kudos for truly following your heart, but you're a douche. And you were a douche the second time around too, even though you picked someone.
  6. When Tierra goes on and on about her sparkle. And her eyebrows.
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    She can't control her eyebrows, people!!!
  7. When Courtney and Ben skinny dipped.
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    Courtney is my all-time favorite love-to-hate contestant.
  8. When Andi saw the light and left Juan Pablo
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    It's OK.
  9. Kalon arriving to the Bachelor mansion in a helicopter
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    And then later having to date himself on Bachelor in Paradise because even the dipshits on that show thought he was a dipshit.
  10. Samantha destroying men on Bachelor in Paradise
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    How could these guys all be this stupid? She was playing dudes left and right and they still THREW themselves at her!
  11. When Lacy and Marcus got engaged.
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    THAT'S how we like our Bachelor in Paradise! A proposal with plenty of sweat.
  12. When Nick kept the money on Bachelor Pad
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    If you don't know how this game was played, I don't feel like explaining it to you. This was truly shocking. No one saw it coming.
  13. When Wes was a dick
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    Made it to the top four by fooling Julian (and having a girlfriend!) before she finally gave him the boot. Somehow his shitty country song wasn't enough.
  14. When Rozlyn got hooked up with a producer
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    They both got kicked off the show. I guess if it was between a producer and Jake Pavelka...no, there's no excuse for hooking up with either.
  15. When Desiree was too heartbroken over Brookes to go on.
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    JK! She ended up getting married to the leftover guy.
  16. When Nick Viall spilled the beans
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    "If you weren't IN love with me, then why did you MAKE love with me?" What a fucker.
  17. When Juan Pablo is gross again
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    Tells Clare Crawly he may not love her, but he loves fucking her. Awwww!
  18. When Kaitlyn gives Joshua a haircut
    The clippers break mid cut and he has to go through a rose ceremony and getting dumped with a ridiculous half-shaved head.