1. When Jason Mesnik chose the wrong woman
    Shocked. SHOCKED!
  2. When Nick Viall got dumped...again
    It wasn't enough for us viewers to watch this slime ball get a quick jab to the nuts on national TV just once. Twice felt good though.
  3. When Ian attacks Kaitlyn
    Said she's "just here to make out with a bunch of dudes" and goes on to congratulate himself for being so intelligent and well spoken. I would have felt bad for her if he wasn't so transparently insecure. (Also his apology to her later was mega fake.)
  4. When Kasey Kahl got a tattoo like a psychopath
    To guard and protect Ali's heart. Or Vienna's.
  5. When Brad Womak chose NO ONE!
    Kudos for truly following your heart, but you're a douche. And you were a douche the second time around too, even though you picked someone.
  6. When Tierra goes on and on about her sparkle. And her eyebrows.
    She can't control her eyebrows, people!!!
  7. When Courtney and Ben skinny dipped.
    Courtney is my all-time favorite love-to-hate contestant.
  8. When Andi saw the light and left Juan Pablo
    It's OK.
  9. Kalon arriving to the Bachelor mansion in a helicopter
    And then later having to date himself on Bachelor in Paradise because even the dipshits on that show thought he was a dipshit.
  10. Samantha destroying men on Bachelor in Paradise
    How could these guys all be this stupid? She was playing dudes left and right and they still THREW themselves at her!
  11. When Lacy and Marcus got engaged.
    THAT'S how we like our Bachelor in Paradise! A proposal with plenty of sweat.
  12. When Nick kept the money on Bachelor Pad
    If you don't know how this game was played, I don't feel like explaining it to you. This was truly shocking. No one saw it coming.
  13. When Wes was a dick
    Made it to the top four by fooling Julian (and having a girlfriend!) before she finally gave him the boot. Somehow his shitty country song wasn't enough.
  14. When Rozlyn got hooked up with a producer
    They both got kicked off the show. I guess if it was between a producer and Jake, there's no excuse for hooking up with either.
  15. When Desiree was too heartbroken over Brookes to go on.
    JK! She ended up getting married to the leftover guy.
  16. When Nick Viall spilled the beans
    "If you weren't IN love with me, then why did you MAKE love with me?" What a fucker.
  17. When Juan Pablo is gross again
    Tells Clare Crawly he may not love her, but he loves fucking her. Awwww!
  18. When Kaitlyn gives Joshua a haircut
    The clippers break mid cut and he has to go through a rose ceremony and getting dumped with a ridiculous half-shaved head.