Or hypothetical feminist son.
  1. Spirited Away
    Chihiro is crazy shrill, but this is a great adventure of a little girl in a world filled with monsters. And pig parents.
  2. Alice in Wonderland
    The only real curious thing about this movie is how Disney let it through without a prince and Alice having a D cup.
  3. Kiki's Delivery Service
    A young witch flys around on her broom working as a delivery girl with her ride-or-die cat. It's a calm plot but a whole lot of fun.
  4. A League of Their Own
    I don't think I have to say anything about this one.
  5. Coraline
    Imagination and adventure collide in this scary tale of a girl who discovers a world that mirrors her life on the other side of a wall. Except for all the button eyes.
  6. Pippi Longstocking
    I wanted to be Pippi so bad! Independent and strong as hell. Like, literally stronger than a grown man.
  7. Frozen
    Yes, there is a love interest, but it's really a story of sisters and I cry every time.
  8. Matilda
    A little girl overcomes her horrible circumstances using just her intelligence! Er...and telekinetic powers.
  9. Fly Away Home
    A girl raises ducks to help cope with moving in with her dad. At least that's how I remember it. Also: Anna Paquin!
  10. Harry Potter series
    Does not pass the Bechdel test, but Hermoine alone can transcend that.
  11. The Philadelphia Story
    Yes, it still centers around a woman getting married, but Tracy Lord is not defined by any man.
  12. Brave
    A young girl frees herself from oppressive circumstances and there's not a love interest in sight.
  13. Ponyo
    The story of the Little Mermaid if she weren't hyper sexualized.
  14. Princess Mononoke
    Pretty much anything by Miyazaki, OK?
  15. Kill Bill
    Maybe not appropriate for a small child, but Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu facing off in a sword fight? So badass.
  16. Mary Poppins
    Not only is this a story of a woman and a girl going on adventures, there's women's suffrage too!