Movies that Need TV Show Adaptations

Thanks for this request, @joemurphy!
  1. Legally Blonde
    Kinda like the Good Wife meets Gossip Girl, come for the courtroom procedural, stay for the outfits. And Luke Wilson now plays the gross old professor who gropes her.
  2. The Hunger Games
    I always thought this would make a better HBO show than movie series. Book one is so good it could easily be stretched out. And since TV shows usually end up taking their own path eventually, we wouldn't have to deal with worthless book three.
  3. Mean Girls
    Same general concept as the movie: misfit tries to join a clique of popular girls. Written by Tina Fey. Rachel McAdams can still star.
  4. Tootsie
    Tom Hiddleston stars as the poorly coifed Dorothy Michaels/Michael Dorsey, trying to make it in showbiz disguised as a woman (because opportunities are so much more vast). Each episode focuses on a new gig at a different TV show.
  5. Hitch
    An attractive black man played by Jon Hamm works with a new loser every episode to trick a woman who is out of his league into dating him.
  6. Mystery Men
    Every season this rag tag group of "superheroes" takes on a new big bad. If only the villains knew their one true weakness: toggles.
  7. Ocean's Eleven
    This group never wants to rob the same kind of establishment twice! But after a few seasons they are left with robbing Chuck E Cheeses and mall ham kiosks and it just isn't as exciting.
  8. The Breakfast Club
    A group of kids (ever changing but with a core group of regulars) spend Saturdays in detention. Season one has an enthralling mystery they must get to the bottom of. Season two probably won't be as good.
  9. Men in Black
    Aliens are cool again! (Kyle XY reboot, anyone?) When the series starts, everyone knows extra terrestrial life exists, so our MIBs are investigating murders involving ETs. Law and Order: MIB, maybe?
  10. The Wedding Planner
    Our heroine can't stop falling in love with every groom she plans a wedding for. For whatever reason she gets a lot of business from dopey fat guys.