***This list is full! Feel free to suggest something but I can't add it.
  1. Dawson, Dawson's Creek
    There's so much about Dawson I don't like that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's because he's a 22-yr-old playing a 17-yr-old who acts like a 30-yr-old. I think it might be his face though.
  2. Anyone on the OC except Seth Cohen
    Suggested by   @erikalynn
  3. Ted Mosby
    He's the reason I never watch this show. I can't deal with this guy being the lead. Everyone is more interesting than him. Booo!
    Suggested by   @Boogie
  4. Lily Tucker-Pritchett
    Suggested by   @kate81
  5. Jody, The Mindy Project
    Old fashioned in the absolute worst way. Sexist. Gross. Just no. I do not understand his appeal at all.
    Suggested by   @franksars
  6. Marie Schrader on Breaking Bad
    Suggested by   @Jvg0122
  7. Buddy Garrity on Friday Night Lights
    Go awaaaaaayyyyyyy Buddy, you peaked in high school
    Suggested by   @joemurphy
  8. Huck on "Scandal"
    For some reason I just really hate him
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  9. Skyler.
    That thankless, chain-smoking, permanently pregnant wench!
    Suggested by   @vhgm
  10. Andy Bernard, The Office
    Obnoxious douche
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  11. Robert California from The Office
    I hate him so much and he was so unnecessary to the shows plot.
    Suggested by   @audreypalumbo
  12. Ivy Dickens, Gossip Girl
    Difficult to listen to: she's so whiny. Feels hard done by because Lily hates her despite the fact that she forced Lily out of her home and lied to her about being her niece.
    Suggested by   @_sarah
  13. Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls
    Suggested by   @gagneet
  14. Reagan from New Girl
    Her story arc was just completely pointless. They would've been better off had the producers not tried to find a fill-in for Zooey during her maternity leave.
    Suggested by   @quixotic
  15. Screech - Saved by the Bell
    The absolute worst of all worst
    Suggested by   @paulus
  16. Dean, Gilmore Girls
    The definition of garbage
    Suggested by   @SarahMoore
  17. Gracie Belle Taylor
    I know she's just a baby, and most everyone hates her big sister more (warranted), but she was one of mannnny plot contrivances we didn't ask for.
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  18. Robin Scherbatsky
    I'm sorry but this bitch ruined HIMYM for me. I still love the show. There are a few things I appreciate about Robin (her and Barney forever). But God damn it if she isn't the worst character on this show. While also just plain screwing us over in that bullshit ending she also just has been an enormous indecisive asshole about her love life with ted. And she kinda reminds me of some of my sisters more annoying traits if I'm frank. Tbh I think ted mosby is awesome. Just putting that out there.
    Suggested by   @Charlie_Chester
  19. April Nardini, Gilmore Girls
    But that's pretty universal, no?
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  20. My brother, who is not in, asked me to throw Kimmy Gibbler from Full House into the mix.
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  21. Julie Taylor, Friday Night Lights
    What a waste of space.
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  22. Erica Hahn- Grey's Anatomy
    She's just a bitch.
    Suggested by   @tylerka323
  23. Piper - Orange is the New Black
    I really really tried to stay involved in this show but I can't get through it because she sucks. Season 1 was perfect though.
    Suggested by   @ErinFlaherty
  24. Dan Scott, One Tree Hill
    absolute scum
    Suggested by   @olivevera
  25. I'm sorry. I know I am in the severe minority with this one. >.<
    Suggested by   @kaelliope
  26. Peter Campbell, Mad Men
    So heartless. Also, didn't age well...
    Suggested by   @phoebehere
  27. Hayden McClaine: AHS
    Suggested by   @ParulD
  28. Kathy from The Office
    Kill it with fire
    Suggested by   @taner_banana
  29. Anna Nardini
    Okay, we all hate April but Anna is THE WORST. Also, I dislike Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks, Friends & as the OTHER annoying character she played on Gilmore Girls. 😒
    Suggested by   @jessnobs
  30. Vanessa, Gossip Girl
    Not sure how she's not on this list already. She sucks, ruins everything, and needs to stay in Brooklyn where she belongs.
    Suggested by   @ridunc
  31. Ana Lucia, LOST
    So annoying and pointless
    Suggested by   @julieklaw
  32. Thelonious from The 100
    Thelonious balonious
    Suggested by   @ktexcelsior
  33. Rita, from Dexter
    The eternal victim.... Did not like the way she died but I was relived she was out...
    Suggested by   @maclavarela
  34. Father Gabriel, from The Walking Dead
    Suggested by   @CarliVija
  35. Britta from Community
    She Britta'd everything.
    Suggested by   @bailey
  36. Erin Hannon
    This gif is how I feel about her. Useless and annoying imo. She and Andy deserve each other…
    Suggested by   @autumnftw
  37. Monica on House of Lies
    Insufferable, haughty, manipulative bitch extraordinaire
    Suggested by   @bethidee
  38. Angelica Pickles from rugrats
    The brattiest of all brats
    Suggested by   @futurewriter13
  39. Carver- The Wire
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  40. Pierce Hawthorne from Community
    Because he wouldn't like being excluded from this list
    Suggested by   @spudrific
  41. Todd Packer
    Honestly, I was getting annoyed just looking for a gif of him, hence the photo.
    Suggested by   @supabg
  42. Arthur, King of Queens
    He's such a JERK. I can't watch the show because of him.
    Suggested by   @crossedties
  43. Kramer
    One-trick pony and I didn't like the one trick.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  44. Joffrey from Game of Thrones
    Suggested by   @mbosoro
  45. Peaky Blinders — Grace
    She was the worst. She married a gangster then was annoyed he was still a gangster. Thomas should have married May.
    Suggested by   @missleswilson
  46. Dennis Duffy, 30 Rock
    (Exonerated) Dateline predator
    Suggested by   @christine14932
  47. Harry Crane (Mad Men)
    Charmless scumbag.
    Suggested by   @jonmichaelwxyz
  48. Xander Harris
    Suggested by   @rycores
  49. Riley Finn
    I hated his face and his hair, his voice and every word he's ever uttered. To this day I just skip Season 4 as a whole.
    Suggested by   @tinkaowlie
  50. Connor, Angel
    I know this is kind of obscure but just take my word for it, he was the absolute worst. I wanted to like him, I tried, but he was just awful all around and never even TRIED to redeem himself.
    Suggested by   @finesse
  51. Jason Biggs character on Orange is the New Black he was such a wuss
    Actually come to think of it i hate jason biggs in everything. He has no personality
    Suggested by   @dudleyjoshua
  52. Carla Espinosa, Scrubs
    "When Carla dies, Heaven is going to suuuuuuck."
    Suggested by   @slicedbreadtime
  53. Nellie Olsen. Little House on the Prairie.
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  54. Every character on Under the Dome, they were all cliché, and mostly terribly acted.
    Suggested by   @eekfreakwad
  55. Richard Thomas, The Americans
    Just ugh.
    Suggested by   @lorimcs
  56. Kristin from Last Man Standing
    I LOVED the actress that played Kristin in season 1, but then they SWITCHED to Amanda Fuller. I probably wouldn't have minded if that's all I knew, but Alexandra Krosney was so good 😍😭 I don't hate the character Kristin per se, but I hate the way Amanda portrays her.
    Suggested by   @laneeeee_sue
  57. meredith grey, grey's anatomy
    im only up to season 3 but she is so self centered?
    Suggested by   @kaelephant
  58. Dawn Summers
    Let's be real, has adding Michelle Trachtenberg ever made a show better?
    Suggested by   @katchula
  59. Hazel Wassername
    30 Rock is SO incredible and funny but it's totally brought down by this late in life addition. Kristen Schaal just wasn't the right fit. Better in Bob's Burgers.
    Suggested by   @katchula
  60. Zack from "The Strain" and-or Carl from "The Walking Dead"
    God bless the child. But maybe not these two brats.
    Suggested by   @DawnBurkes
  61. Gabe, The Office
    Who doesn't hate him
    Suggested by   @isabana49
  62. Hannah Montana / Miley Stewart (Cyrus) from Disney's Hannah Montana
    Suggested by   @jezebelisgone
  63. Rachel Zane
    Forever whining
    Suggested by   @keshavi
  64. The addition of Dawn on BTVS ruined any episode centered around her, for me. I honestly don't know what Joss was thinking. Then he went and added Connor on Angel and i simply gave up on the show.
    Suggested by   @dthomgirl
  65. Annalise Keating - How to get away with murder
    She's a mess! Kids, just move far away from her god damn it!
    Suggested by   @solena
  66. Mr. Schuster, Glee
    Suggested by   @spicymeatball
  67. Dr. Phil, The Dr. Phil Show
    Suggested by   @jacqueline
  68. Circe Lannister, Game of Thrones
    What a jerk! How is it that every other character in GoT has been killed or kerploded but this nasty B. still clings to life?
    Suggested by   @Gola
  69. Melissa from Last Man On Earth
    She is so unlikeable (maybe this is more about January Jones than this character in particular). Even with Phil/Tandy's awkwardness and self-interest, I will always root for him when it should be obvious to side with her. The worst.
    Suggested by   @tweedledee
  70. The dad from Stranger Things
    Suggested by   @_leia_
  71. April, Greys Anatomy
    She's seriously the worst which is so unfair because Jackson is actually an angel. Any time she's angry/sad/throwing a fucking adult hissy fit I literally cringe.
    Suggested by   @sar_marieee
  72. Noah Solloway, The Affair
    Suggested by   @taylormorley
  73. Abigail Chaffee on In Plain Sight
    I'm weirdly obsessed with this show mostly because I wanted them to kill Abigail off so badly- SHE STOOD IN THE WAY OF TRUE LOVE
    Suggested by   @sarahbelle6
  74. Dr. Eldon Chance
    Suggested by   @TT
  75. Joy Lass in Dead Like Me
    Her name is literally joyless. That tells you all you need to know. I love this show, but she just sucks the air out of every room she is in.
    Suggested by   @poewar
  76. Hugo Habercore
    The worst
    Suggested by   @noemimacias
  77. Sidney- Parenthood
    Why was she just the biggest brat all the time?
    Suggested by   @jess_may17
  78. Donny from Frasier
    please go away forever
    Suggested by   @ladygoggog
  79. Randy - That 70's Show
    Suggested by   @rachelanne
  80. Daisy ~ Bones
    So. Freaking. Annoying.
    Suggested by   @beanbag
  81. Jean Ralphio. Great actor...annoying character
    Suggested by   @ashleyapproved
  82. Craig, Parks and Recreation
    Please go away. No one wants you here 😩😩
    Suggested by   @laneeeee_sue
  83. Dan Scott - One Tree Hill
    Suggested by   @wallflower
  84. JANICE, ugh
    Suggested by   @rachhello
  85. Janice from friends
    i don't even get the point of such an annoying character
    Suggested by   @angelicamr
  86. Marnie, GIRLS
    Too wrapped up in the imagined fairy tale of her own life to recognize that she's just really goddamned basic.
    Suggested by   @camthemaam
  87. Tommy Lascelles (The Crown)
    Suggested by   @jennyanydots
  88. I agree with @spicymeatball, Mr. Schuester is the worst.
    Classic trying to reclaim glory days teacher/coach. Stop snagging solos you twit, let the kids have their shine.
    Suggested by   @e
  89. The entire damn family
    Suggested by   @13spencer
  90. Phoebe from Friends
    Suggested by   @sky
  91. Paige- The Americans
    Suggested by   @kashshu11
  92. Teddy
    Suggested by   @alanarogerrrrs
  93. This guy..... the character is so spineless and always always depressed...ugh
    Suggested by   @aditim
  94. Pike, The 100
    Suggested by   @kaitlynvella
  95. Dave & Alex, Happy Endings
    I love this show but these characters are flat and insufferable.
    Suggested by   @marykathryn
  96. Chris Griffin, Family Guy
    I cringe when he is on screen.
    Suggested by   @katelynmchessler