All available on Netflix
  1. Amanda Knox (2016), 8/10
    When this story first broke I only knew the main points because I don't watch the news, so this was an enlightening documentary. It does a great job of making you think she did it, and then slowly reversing your opinion. In the end she just seemed like an innocent narcissist and we probably won't ever know who the real killer is. One thing we can all agree on for sure: that Daily Mail "journalist" is a total ween.
  2. Finders Keepers (2015), 7/10
    A man purchases a storage locker and finds a foot inside a grill. He wants to keep it even when the true owner wants it back. This is so much more than a really fucked up legal situation. It goes deeper into what makes the two men so invested in remaining pitted against one another for a disgusting jerky foot.
  3. Iris (2014), 7/10
    This documentary follows around Iris Apfel, an icon in the fashion world for her bright and individual style as she dispenses wisdom the way only a 93-yr-old can. This movie was shot and produced by one of the pioneers of documentary filmmaking as we know it today, Albert Maysles, who also made Grey Gardens (which you would know just by watching the beginning sequence). I half expected Iris to start talking about the best costume for the day.