I haven't watched this through for a long time, and now that I am, I'm realizing I really hate some people.
  1. Tana
    This was really the best new roommate they could come up with for Rory?
  2. TJ
    That voiiiiice!!! 😖😖😖
  3. Liz
    I still don't know what the point of her being on the show is, except to have created Jess.
  4. Kirk
    Great as an ancillary character, but once he started getting his own story lines apart from the Gilmore girls, no thanks.
  5. Jason
    Oh, gross. Who cast this man? Did you know this is the vile icky teacher who harassed Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle? THAT was a good casting. A love interest for Lorelai? Shudder.
  6. LOGAN
  7. Zack
    Like @franksars has said: he does not act like a believable person.
  8. Kyle
    Meh. Just go away.
  9. Post-season 3 Rory
    The first time around watching this I loved Rory the whole way through. Now I can see how stupid the decisions she makes are and also she annoys me a little. Sometimes a lot.
  10. Paul Anka
    Not a person. Still don't care. Why must every living thing in this town be quirky?
  11. April
    No one likes you, actually.