1. Forward
    I'm listening to an audiobook right now and the narrator drops the first "r" and says "fo-ward" instead. And of course it's in there a million times.
  2. Especially
    People are always saying "ex-specially". I don't know if they think there's an "x" there or if it's spelled "ecspecially." Either way: stop it.
  3. Supposedly
    It's not "supposebly." You should know this by now.
  4. Specific
    It's not that difficult to say. You can do it: believe in yourself.
  5. Across
    I hear "acrosst" ALL THE TIME! I'm wondering if since "across" is so often followed by the word "to" people are--NO YOU'RE JUST DUMB!
  6. Ask
    It turns out people have been saying "aks" for over 1,000 years. Which means you need to stop trying to make "aks" happen. It's not going to happen.
  7. Height
    So many people say "heighth" because of the word "width" that often accompanies it. Don't.
  8. Sandwich
    There is no "m" in there. And there definitely aren't 2 of them.
  9. Drown
    So many people say "drownd" or "drownding" and I don't know why! There is no "d" at the end people!!
    Suggested by @julieklaw
  10. Nuclear
    As opposed to 'nucular' 😬
    Suggested by @madoldbint