Or: old-school emojis
  1. The Interrobang
    76478e1a a7e0 4cb3 a319 b83e2ffbbc66
    For when you're asking an exclamatory rhetorical question. "How dare you==>" (said Mindy Kaling-style)
  2. Rhetorical question mark
    De11965d 4b0b 49d5 8fb5 ee0143fe8f6e
    For asking a regular old rhetorical question. "Is Donald Trump not pulling off the best gag ever right now==>"
  3. Certitude point
    1edd30e0 cc31 47b3 80d1 e11d0235c55c
    For saying something with unwavering conviction. "The interrobang is the coolest name for punctuation ever==>"
  4. The question/exclamation comma
    E09543e9 69b0 454b a400 10f16cb22365
    For when you want to ask a question or exclaim in the middle of a sentence. "I'm amazed==> how did you even know==> I wanted a life-size cutout of Ryan Gosling for Christmas!"
  5. The ElRey mark
    5e7c11cf 399f 43ef 8a1a 5555a6c34243
    For polite excitement. "I'm looking forward to the next season of Modern Family==>"
  6. Doubt point
    75636025 16a5 4dd3 9bd3 9c130ea60239
    For expressing doubt. "I'm not really sure how I feel about Bill Murray's Christmas special==> I think I liked it==>"
  7. Acclamation point
    B7f75c5d 8187 4afa a9d5 718b46519144
    Meant to indicate welcome or goodwill. "Welcome to my bedroom, life-size Ryan Gosling cutout==>"