What I learned from scrolling through all these IMDB pages is there are exactly 6 million men for every 1 woman in a movie.
  1. Escalator face plant girl
    Hardcore Henry
  2. Fat Dancer
    Star Wars: Episode VI-Return of the Jedi
  3. Bottoms Up Hooker
    The Wolf of Wall Street
  4. Blue Chip Hooker
    The Wolf of Wall Street
  5. Nasdaq Hooker
    The Wolf of Wall Street
  6. Pink Sheet Hooker
    The Wolf of Wall Street
  7. Curly's Wife
    Chinatown. (I saw a lot of "so-and-so's wife," never once a "so-and-so's husband.")
  8. Chicken Fucker
    Super Troopers. (To be fair there was a male Chicken Fucker as well.)
  9. Hottie with a body
    The Fast and the Furious
  10. Female Security Guard
    The Dark Knight Rises. (Not just "Security Guard?")
  11. Vietnamese Prostitute
  12. The Scandinavian/Chinese/Jamaican/American/English/Indian/Australian/German/Israeli/Irish Girl (respectively)
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  13. Girl in shower #1-3
    Lethal Weapon
  14. Underage Hooker
    Lethal Weapon
  15. Topless Girl
    Forrest Gump
  16. Lust Victim
  17. NASA Asian Scientist
    Interstellar. (At least she's a NASA scientist.)
  18. Oriental at Rick's
  19. Darlene the Secretary
    The Departed
  20. Prostitute
  21. Toothless Girl
  22. Angelic Nurse
    Requiem for a Dream
  23. Handmaiden in Bible Fantasy
    A Clockwork Orange
  24. Angry Hooker on Street
    Taxi Driver
  25. Fat Shopper in Market
    Double Indemnity
  26. The Blonde
    The Apartment
  27. Girl
    All About Eve
  28. Hooker's Mother
  29. Cambodian Lady
    Blade Runner
  30. Wife (x3)
  31. Senator's Hooker
  32. Red Head
    The Deer Hunter