Requested by Katie


I know I probably missed some of your favorites, but I could only include the ones I have personally seen and missed. Or, rather, not missed at all. (Also I know some of my pics are backward.) Thanks for this great request, @kates08!
  1. 12.
    The Fat Lady, Harry Potter
    This was a good move.
  2. 11.
    Carol, Friends
    It's hard to miss someone you forgot about. Sorry, Carol 1.
  3. 10.
    Daario Naharis, Game of Thrones
    Yeah, Daario 1 was not correct.
  4. 9.
    Rachel, the Dark Knight
    I thought both of these actresses were equally bad in these movies, but I have a special dislike for Maggie Gyllenhaal.
  5. 8.
    Victoria, Twilight
    Didn't care for either, but Victoria 1 was in Under the Dome and that's an automatic strike against someone in my book.
  6. 7.
    Bobby Draper, Mad Men
    Wait, there were different Bobbys?
  7. 6.
    Jim Rhodes, Iron Man
    The second Iron Man was the worst so we had more important things to focus on than which Rhodey we like best.
  8. 5.
    Lily, Modern Family
    Lily 1 was fine except that she couldn't talk. But that wasn't her fault! They're both cute.
  9. 4.
    Morgan, Boy Meets World
    I liked the sass from Morgan 1. And she's the Morgan I remember.
  10. 3.
    Dumbledore, Harry Potter
    First off, I believe Michael Gambon is the one true Dumbledore. He just should have been cast in the role from the start. The reason this one's so high up is it's just sad he got the part because Richard Harris died.
  11. 2.
    Laurie Foreman, That '70s Show
    I very much feel that the first Laurie is the only Laurie. Why replace her though? You were near the end of the show, this character didn't need to come back.
  12. 1.
    Aunt Viv, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    Don't get me wrong. I like Aunt Viv 2 very much. But she was the kind of mom/aunt who baked cookies and gave hugs. Aunt Viv 1 was a badass who wanted to fight against inequality and did NOT give a fuck and bake your own damn cookies.