All on Netflix except 8 Days a Week (Hulu).
  1. Soaked in Bleach (2015), 10/10
    Holy shit. I thought I knew what this movie was about, but I really didn't. I assumed it was about Kurt Cobain's music and life and stuff. But it's not. It's about Courtney Love KILLING HIM!!!! At first I was really not into the conspiracy theory, but as the movie went on I became thoroughly convinced. I didn't even mind the acting which usually I HATE in documentaries. Who else saw this? I want to hear some opinions.
  2. 8 Days a Week (2016), 8/10
    How can you not like a documentary about the Beatles? Especially one by Ron Howard that includes some never-before-seen footage and photos? This film did a great job of bringing you into the 60s and letting you really feel what it was like to experience this band from both their side and the fans'. The new interviews from Paul and Ringo were underused though, and a lot of the information most fans will already know.
  3. Audrie and Daisy (2016), 9/10
    This was incredibly difficult to watch. It's the story of not only rape and sexual assault but the harsh bullying and subsequent attacks on the victims. And of course the fallout. This documentary highlights the reform we need in our justice system, schools, and society when it comes to not only consent but the way women are viewed in general.
  4. Lost for Life (2013), 7/10
    Why do I watch documentaries like this? I'm already convinced I'm going to be murdered in my home and this movie didn't help. It's about kids who commit murder and are sentenced to life without parole. Is that fair? Probably not. And it does a great job of demonstrating some kids can be rehabilitated. I don't know. Honestly I was just too freaked out by the home video two of the kids made before and after they killed a girl from their high school to really focus.