Thanks @Lisa_Fav! I'm super boring so I'll make this quick.
  1. Hi, I'm Paige!
    I'm a private person which is why I didn't use my name on my profile a year ago. But if I had known how amazing everyone here is I probably would have.
  2. The longest I have gone without TV is 5 weeks when I studied abroad in Spain
    Actually I did watch the Simpsons when I got a ridiculous throat infection and couldn't breathe and ate all my host family's ice cream. But it was in Spanish so I don't count it because my Spanish is terrible.
  3. I'm obsessed with my cat Sookie (as in Stackhouse, not St. James). She's deaf.
    Here she is doing a face plant in my crotch.
  4. My sister is my best friend. And if we're being honest she's pretty much my only friend.
    Here we are being cool (I'm on the left). She's 5'11"!
  5. I hate fireworks and odd numbers.
  6. My memory is the absolute worst. The only good thing about that is every 5 years or so I get to watch my favorite TV shows again like they're brand new.
    Ever heard of a show called 30 Rock?
  7. Happy anniversary, everyone!