I consider listing my job but in order to make money I edit unscripted TV shows, mostly involving food. These are the most common people we film eating.
  1. The girl who daintily covers her mouth after taking each bite.
    It's always a girl.
  2. The people who are clearly uncomfortable and feel like they need to look like they're having a great time and really force it.
    They might as well scream at the top of their lungs "I SWEAR TO GOD THIS IS A REGULAR CONVERSATION!!!"
  3. The people who feel the need to clink their glasses together to cheers a bunch of times.
    We didn't ask you to do this. Just eat.
  4. White dudes who like to mansplain the culture of a foreign country while stuffing their faces.
    Usually eating with people native to the country.
  5. Regular people who eat like normal humans.