1. Hey, Jude
    Jude's wife convinces him her father Frank (a crotchety war veteran) can't take care of himself and needs to come live with them. The day after he moves in, his wife takes off to Dubai...with another man! Can Jude survive this terrible blow? Can he and Frank survive each other?
  2. Ain't She Sweet
    Heiress Dolly leads a charmed life. But when she finds out after her father's untimely passing what she's really inherited is debt, she has to find her first job and *GASP* do the dishes herself!
  3. Day Tripper
    Louis wants to take a gap year before heading to college. And what better way to travel the world than working on a cruise ship! But he soon finds out his crazy crew mates might just make him jump overboard...
  4. Dear Prudence
    It's the '80s, and Pru is looking to break into the world of the high-fashion super models. Her secret weapon is her mother, manager, and best friend—all one person! She's a woman who just won't take no for an answer, and they end up making a lot of enemies along the way...and not booking many gigs.
  5. Penny Lane
    15-year-old Dylan works his home street of Penny Lane as a babysitter. Not so much for the kids, but for the opportunities having his neighbors' (almost) empty homes provide. It's all part of his master plan to make it in with a cooler, older crowd.
  6. She Loves You
    Credence is in love with her best friend Charles, but doesn't know how to tell him. Should it be a grand gesture? Yes! But it has to be perfect and all of the small town where they grew up needs to be involved. Will he feel the same way? What could go wrong?
  7. Eight Days a Week
    Playing on the pro tennis circuit, Simone realizes one day she isn't getting any younger, or better. Peaking at 374 and slowly declining in the recent years, she's decides to retire and take a coaching job at a country club. Teaching snobby trophy wives and their bratty kids—she's likely to pull her hair out!
  8. Come Together
    A man finds out after 32 years that he has a twin brother. One has lost his job, the other has been dumped by his college sweetheart, so they move in together and find out they're not as similar as they would have thought.