I know when I'm looking through this catalog that it's meant to be sexy campy fun verging on pornogrophy, but I feel like this was the VS catalog as imagined by @TheOnion
  1. I'll bet you a million dollars our girl doesn't actually eat this French fry. (You can't see it but there are more fries right by her crotch. Yum.)
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  2. "Is skirt off sick?"
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  3. I think this picture must have been a mistake.
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  4. Guess not.
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  5. Don't look...
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  6. ...it's not over...
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  7. ...no peeking!
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  8. I'm starting to sensing a theme.
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  9. Opera glasses: because she's obviously having some vision problems.
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  10. ?
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  11. I just...I don't know with this one.
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  12. This is what I do with my breakfast too.
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  13. Also how I look when brushing my teeth.
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  14. Oh look, here's another one with her eyes covered.
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  15. This is the last one, I promise.
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  16. I lied!
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