1. Amy Schumer
    “I’m labeled a sex comic. I think it’s just ’cause I’m a girl. I feel like a guy could get up here and literally pull his dick out, and everyone would be like, ‘He’s a thinker.'”
  2. Reese Witherspoon
    "Films with women at the center are not a public service project."
  3. Kathy Griffin
    "I think it’s part of the male industrial complex to keep women quiet about what their salaries are. If the guys make more, I guarantee you they are told to shut up and not tell the girls."
  4. "You’re not giving women the roles to become big stars who command big paychecks. It’s a bigger problem than a glass ceiling on paydays — we’ve gotta fix the scripts."
  5. Sandra Bullock
    “I always make a joke: ‘Watch, we’re going to walk down the red carpet, I’m going to be asked about my dress and my hair while the man standing next to me will be asked about his performance and political issues.’ Once we start shifting how we perceive women and stop thinking about them as ‘less than,’ the pay disparity will take care of itself. There’s a much bigger issue at hand. I’m glad Hollywood got caught.”
  6. John Legend
    "All men should be feminists, if men care about women’s rights, the world will be a better place. We are better off when women are empowered — it leads to a better society.”
  7. Selma Hayek
    "Cinema has been undermining women's intelligence for a long time. For a long time, they thought the only thing we were interested in were romantic comedies. They don't see us as a powerful economic force, which is an incredible ignorance."
  8. Jessica Chastain
    "We need more diversity. We're not telling the stories of many, we're telling the stories of few. There's a problem with the storytelling, with the protagonists...it's in front of the camera, it's behind the camera...This is not how we want to be working and we need to tell the stories of all."
  9. Jennifer Lawrence
    "I'm over trying to find the 'adorable' way to state my opinion and still be likable! Fuck that. I don't think I've ever worked for a man in charge who spent time contemplating what angle he should use to have his voice heard. It's just heard."
  10. Kristen Stewart
    "It's a male-dominated and driven business...You need to make something that's undeniably good. If a woman makes a bad movie, or does something stupid, then the door just slams shut. It's fucked up."
  11. "Feminists believe that men and women should have the same opportunities. If you are a feminist you believe in equal rights as a whole. That's not a concept you can really shoot down."
  12. Kerry Washington
    "Having your story told as a woman, as a person of color, as a lesbian, or as a trans person or as any member of any disenfranchised community is sadly often still a radical idea."
  13. Kathryn Bigelow
    "Change is essential. Gender neutral hiring is essential."
  14. Charlize Theron
    "Girls need to know that being a feminist is a good thing. It doesn't mean that you hate men. It means equal rights. If you're doing the same job, you should be compensated and treated in the same way."
  15. Kristen Schaal
    "We're going to print human hearts out of Xerox machines 30 years before women get pay equality."
  16. Matt McGorry
    "We need to create a society where girls and women are getting the same encouragement and support to build their careers as the boys and men are."
  17. Geena Davis
    “After Thelma & Louise...[people were saying] ‘This changes everything! There’s going to be so many female buddy movies!’ and nothing changed. And then the next movie I did was A League of Their Own, which was a huge hit and all the talk was, ‘Well now, beyond a doubt, women’s sports movies, we’re going to see a wave of them because this was so successful.’ That’s balls. It took 10 years until Bend It Like Beckham came out. So, there was no trend whatsoever.”