No phrases have been included.
  1. Fipple
    Foot nipple
  2. Blerg
    A term of exasperation. Also a line of IKEA furniture.
  3. Anfernee
    A name that is definitely NOT Anthony.
  4. Kimmying
    Smiling until you feel better.
  5. Lizzing
    Peeing yourself from laughing so hard.
  6. Dursting
    Disgusting burping due to some bad shit you've done. A lá Robert Durst.
  7. Jagweed
    An insult.
  8. Nerds!
    A way of saying "darn!" Or an accusation against said nerds.
  9. Myirt!
    Damn it!
  10. Thoughtsicles
  11. Mind grapes
    Something out of which you can squeeze thoughtsicles; a brain.
  12. Unwindulax
    Unwinding and relaxing.
  13. Get aheading
    Saying all the bad things you've done before someone else does to distract them.
  14. Sharking
    Pulling down a woman's tube top while a friend videotapes
  15. Feeze
    Food sneeze
  16. Snowbesity
    When you can't tell if someone is fat or not with all their winter gear on
  17. Lemon
    As a verb, to self sabotage.
  18. Nooner
    Pancakes for lunch.
  19. Fetch
    Cool. (Tina didn't make this one up, but she definitely made it happen.)
  20. Blorching
    Barfing, vomiting.