1. Jokes per minute on 30 Rock: 9.57
  2. Number of people Curb Your Enthusiasm helped clear of a murder charge: 1
    Seriously. The show taped a man at a Dodger's game, giving him an alibi
  3. 2 stars of Homeland who were in the same homeroom in junior high: Claire Danes and Morena Baccarin
  4. 4: the number of times Mary Kate and Ashley appeared onscreen together on Full House
  5. Number of episodes Andy Dwyer was supposed to appear in on Parks and Rec: 6
  6. Branches of Dunder Mifflin: 8
  7. Number of viewers who tuned in to see the most-watched series finale ever (M*A*S*H): 105.9 million
  8. Amount of time the TV is on in the average American home per week: 24-33 hours
  9. Number of people who watched Friends as the live studio audience each week: 300
  10. Amount of money each member of Friends made per episode at first: $22,000
  11. Amount amount of money each member of Friends made per episode by the end: $1,000,000
  12. Monica Geller's apartment number: 5, and later: 20
  13. Number of shows the character "John Munch" has appeared in: 10
    This is a recurring character played by the actor Richard Belzer. The shows are: 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, the Wire, Arrested Development, Law and Order: Trial by Jury, the Beat, Law and Order, Homicide: Life on the Street, the X-Files, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  14. Average cost to make one Game of Thrones episode: $6 million
    Although I read that for season six it's even more.
  15. Number of weeks it took to make the iron throne for GoT: 2
  16. Number of TVs the average American home has: 2.86
    (Nielsen 2009)
  17. Breaking Bad's N34 59 20 W106 36 52 coordinates lead to Q Studios where the show was shot. Not to $80 million in the desert.
  18. Summit Ice, the outerwear company started on Nathan For You to benefit Holocaust education, grossed over $300,000 8 weeks after the episode aired
    (That's a Summit Ice jacket on Jack Black)
  19. By the end of season 5 of the Walking Dead, Rick holds first place for most walkers killed with 137 kills.
  20. Number of seasons of the Simpsons, the longest running scripted show: 27
  21. Number of seasons of longest-running live-action comedy: 14
    The honor goes to The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet but will soon be tied with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which was just picked up for seasons 13 and 14
  22. 5: number of female writers on Mad Men (out of 11)
  23. Number of "fucks" AMC would let Breaking Bad utter each season: 1
  24. Zachery Ty Bryan is actually 1 month younger than JTT, despite Brad being older than Randy on Home Improvement
  25. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's original (and unseen) pilot only cost $200 (at most) to make
  26. SpongeBob SquarePants is almost 30 years old.
    His birthday is July 14th, 1986. He also only weighs 1 oz!
  27. $22,743. The amount one contestant on the Price is Right guessed during the showcase showdown which was exactly correct.
  28. Gilmore Girls references 339 unique books
  29. 9: the number of years the kids on How I Met Your Mother had to keep the ending a secret
    They filmed all their scenes in the first and second seasons
  30. Frasier is the show that has won the most Emmys: 37
  31. Number of people killed during the whole of the Desperate Housewives series: 52
  32. 7: the number of seasons Joss Whedon intended Firefly to be
  33. $110 million: the amount of money Jerry Seinfeld turned down for a 10th season of Seinfeld
  34. Only 24 original episodes of the Jetsons were ever produced
  35. "Rubber Duckie" (Ernie's song on Sesame Street) reached number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100
  36. Number of times we see the exterior of Bayside High on Saved by the Bell: 0
  37. 3 minutes: the running time of the full Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song
    It actually has several more verses
  38. Times Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern have played husband and wife: 2
    The other time was on a BBC sitcom called "Freezing"