This title sounded cooler to me yesterday.
  1. The Ashleys' clubhouse from Recess
    Not strictly a dwelling, but I would live there all the same. Even though it was built under a pile of fucking tires (was this a thing at playgrounds anywhere?) those girls know how to decorate.
  2. Charlie's apartment from Girls
    What is this even? And where can I get one? The apartment is cool but this bed situation is the best.
  3. Pee Wee's Playhouse
    I love it so much I might just marry it.
  4. Mindy's apartment from the Mindy Project
    Who doesn't covet Mindy's apartment? Especially now with that trap door leading upstairs to her OTHER apartment!
  5. The Solomon's attic from 3rd Rock From the Sun
    The decor was really awful, but living in an attic seems really appealing to me. Also I wanted both Dick's and Sally's rooms which were kind of cramped by the slanting roof, and I enjoy feeling confined.
  6. Daggett and Norbert's dam from Angry Beavers
    It would be hard for me to get into because I can't swim, so I would probably have to be built inside the house.
  7. Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City
    I just have this feeling that the wardrobe would remain in the closet? Right?
  8. Felix's loft from Orphan Black
    I'm not usually one for a warehouse feel like this, but this has so much character and the coolest place for a bed. Also the dick rocket painted on the wall helps.
  9. The Red Keep
    Winterfell is too fucking cold, even with the heated walls. I could lounge around on Cersei's canopy bed all day, hiding from servants.
  10. Serenity from Firefly
    I would probably claim Inara's bedroom because it doubles as an escape pod and I'm always certain I'm going to be murdered in my sleep. I know that barely makes sense. Shhhh.
  11. Dev's apartment in Master of None
    I love the French doors to the bedroom, beautiful polished wood floors, and that brick fireplace. These are standard apartment features in New York for struggling actors, right?
  12. The Jetsons' space-age house
    If it's between the Jetsons' and the Flintstones' house, it's Jetsons' all the way. I'm not sitting in a rock. Plus I love huge windows, and this house is just one huge curved pane.
  13. Villa Rosa from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
    I would die to live in Lisa Vanderpump's house. Seriously, throw my corpse in her closet.
  14. Mary Richard's apartment from Mary Tyler Moore
    Rhoada's pink apartment is sweet, but that non-kitchen wouldn't work for me. Mary's space is amahzing and I love the sunken living room and that huge window makes everything so cozy when it snows. Which it does in Minnesota. A lot. Also I finally realized Mary does have a bathroom, it's through the closet.
  15. Arnold's room from Hey, Arnold
    This is the motherlode. Not just for a kid, I would live here at any age. That FUCKING SKYLIGHT, the fish tank, and of course the couch that pops out of the wall! And everything is remote controlled, which was actually cool then.