Alternately titled "Things Parks and Rec Wouldn't Do."
  1. The ones where someone is dreaming
    So boring! It's like it's not real. I mean, I know a TV show isn't real, but this feels like we're getting cheated out of the true story.
  2. The ones where someone is tripping hard
    Very much like dreams. So boring, especially if from drugged person's POV. Whoa, the things they're saying are so crazy and random!!! Which usually translates to: not clever or well thought out.
  3. The ones where someone is telling stories and the show actors play the parts.
    Fringe did this once. FF.
  4. The ones where it's set in a different time
    These stand-alone episodes are a lot like the story-telling one. If you're not going to advance the overall narrative somehow then fuck off. News Radio had an episode like this set in the future. It's just for cheap laughs.
  5. The ones where everything is just a big misunderstanding
    This is so lazy. Modern Family has started to do this all the time now.
  6. The ones where a character withholds information due to embarrassment
    Another lazy way to create drama or prolong suspense. Usually the episode ends by someone saying "I didn't tell you XX because I didn't want you to think XX of me." Very Full House.
  7. Clip shows
    Basically the network wants another show but doesn't want to shell out any dough for it, so they repackage old shows into a compilation episode and no one watches.
  8. Episodes that are basically just the Hangover.
    It wasn't a good idea for three movies, please put this plot device to bed.