TV Moms That You're Glad Aren't Yours

Thanks for this list request, @jwill829!
  1. Nancy Botwin
    I mean, her son was masturbating to a naked picture of her, then later killed someone. Enough said.
  2. Cersei Lannister
    Having Cersei as a mother means you would be the product of incest and would have a 100% chance of dying as an adolescent. But if the former is true then the latter doesn't seem so bad.
  3. Emily Gilmore
    Yes, deep down she cares, but can you imagine having to live up to those expectations? Also, that icy stare...*shudder*
  4. Betty Draper
    I think if it were not the time that it was, Betty would NOT have had children. She seemed like a woman who wanted to go on adventures. Being a mom and a housewife wasn't her cup of tea. Also that weird thing with Glen...
  5. Malory Archer
    Really does care about her son, but shows it in a way that can seriously fuck a kid up.
  6. Vicki Gunvalson
    I wouldn't want any Real Housewife to be my mother but Vicki is a new level. This woman is so controlling and desperate for her kids' love that it makes me feel smothered just watching!
  7. Lindsay Bluth
    Sometimes forgets she has a daughter. Good thing Maebe is so well adjusted and has her cousin to lean on.
  8. Miriam Pataki
    Helga's mom was such a downer. All she did was whine and mope around. Although now I think she might be depressed or an alcoholic. Probably both. Heavy shit for a cartoon.
  9. Judy Geller
    Most of these moms you can say "but deep down inside, they care!" Can we say that here? She's constantly favoring Ross (who is the worst) and making Monica feel like shit. Fucking Judy.
  10. Lori-Ann Schmidt
    A roller-coaster junkie who abandoned the search for her lost child? Danke but no danke.
  11. Any mother on It's Alway Sunny in Philadelphia
    No wonder all those guys are so demented.
  12. Mindy Lahiri
    She's always at work or galavanting around town with friends WHEN SHE SHOULD BE AT HOME WITH HER BABY!!! (Just kidding. Fuck you, haters.)