In real life these kinds of people are detestable, but on TV they can be the best characters on the show.
  1. Todd, the Grinder
    Absolutely star struck by Dean, he can hardly contain his enthusiasm for brown nosing.
  2. Dennis Finch, Just Shoot Me
    Kind of a little shit, but in the end all he wants is to kiss some Jack Gallo butt.
  3. Gary Walsh, Veep
    Probably knows Selina better than she knows herself. She finds him irritating and impossible to live without (and we just feel the latter.)
  4. Randall, Recess
    This little snitch is the eyes and ears of the playground, reporting back to the teachers and taking notes on his stupid little notepad. Maybe not the best character on the show, but he gives you someone to hate.
  5. Charles Boyle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    He's so in love with his best friend, which results in some of the best lines in the show.
  6. Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    A teacher's pet from the start, she could never rise too high in any profession because then she would have no one to suck up to.
  7. Patrice, How I Met Your Mother
  8. Tobin, Gilmore Girls
    Only around for 2 episodes and was totally obnoxious, but he annoyed Michele so much we loved him just for that.
  9. Dwight Schrute, the Office
    Dwight is a complete kiss ass with a true love for Michael. With a few moments of trying to undermine him for his job thrown in.
  10. Earl Sinclair, Dinosaurs
    Very much the Yes Man when it comes to his boss. But do you remember what B. P. Richfield looked like? I would cower too: