Or drink
  1. Making a Murderer ➡️ A box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts
    At first you look at it and think "this is too many doughnuts!" Then all of a sudden they're gone and you feel terrible.
  2. The Big Bang Theory ➡️ Diet Coke
    Empty calories and super bad for you, yet addictive.
  3. The Mindy Project ➡️ Mother's milk
    For the first few years it's the only thing nourishing and keeping you alive. Then it slowly starts giving you diarrhea.
  4. Parks and Rec ➡️ Assorted Cookies
    A treat enjoyed by all. See this amazing list for proof: PARKS AND REC CHARACTERS AS COOKIES
  5. Gotham ➡️ Cat food
    Something your weird cousin is into.
  6. 30 Rock ➡️ Pop Rocks
    And not just because they both have the word "rock" in them. They both give you a sugar high and are unpredictable. Also the word "rock."
  7. Jane the Virgin ➡️ Grilled cheese
    You thought it was going to be Mexican food, didn't you? My pick is even more predictable than that: it's Jane's favorite food. But they are both comforting and enjoyed by all.
  8. Sherlock ➡️ Birthday cake
    Comes around once a year and everyone at the party devours it all at once. Then the wait is on again.
  9. Friends ➡️ Homemade chicken noodle soup
    Enriches your body and soul. The old standby is, of course, always there for you.
  10. The Walking Dead ➡️ Human flesh