Thanks for this request, @jmroz1! I'm going to do recent cancellations because I was just thinking about these shows and I'm still super mad about it.
  1. Kevin From Work
    You all should go watch this on Netflix right now and be angry with me! It's such a weird, funny show. It's about a guy who confesses his love for a girl he works with the night before he leaves for a new job, only to have it fall through and he ends up having to still work with the girl. And Amy Sedaris is there sometimes.
  2. The Grinder
    How did this show get the boot?! This was a meta show about an actor who played a lawyer on TV who thought he would be able to just do some lawyering in the real world because of his "experience." And Jason Alexander was there sometimes.
  3. Galavant
    Mmmk, so not every joke was a 🎯, but most of them were! And the songs were all great. This was a half-hour musical skewering the medieval hero story. And Weird Al was there sometimes.