I have to say, many of the types of women on this list I very much like and appreciate (like teachers). I'm just over seeing them ALL THE TIME or seeing them as one-dimensional stereotypes.
  1. The uptight career woman
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    This woman generally just needs a guy who doesn't play by the rules to melt her icy heart (and put a little wave in her otherwise pin-straight bob). See: Two Weeks' Notice, Jurassic World
  2. The woman with a non-threatening job
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    A waitress, a teacher, a failed actress. See on: the Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother
  3. The tough-at-the-last-minute woman
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    When it looks like all hope is lost for the hero in a fight, this woman (usually his love interest) steps in to deal a devastating blow to the enemy to show that she's not the helpless wimp she was in the rest of the movie. Vom. See on: juuuust about any action movie ever.
  4. The young mom
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    I feel like lately I've been seeing (or maybe just noticing) the moms on TV are about 38 with 16-year-old children. So presumably they are having kids around age 22. Yes, it's possible, yes, it happens, but the average age of getting married or having babies is about 27! Also, the husband is usually 12 years older than she it. See on: Wayward Pines, the Grinder