1. 30 Rock
    This was the first time I ever saw a show just blatantly be like: THIS IS PRODUCT PLACEMENT!!! They did it throughout the series and it totally worked.
  2. Crazy Ex-girlfriend
    Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact quote from this example. But during a conversation between Josh and Rachel, Josh says something along the lines of "you talk about the features of your Hyundai like your in a car commercial." It was acknowledgement without being obvious. Well played.
  3. Angie Tribeca
    You won't find subtlety anywhere else on this show, so it was no surprise when two cops have a back-and-forth consisting of the phrase "Snickers really satisfies," close ups of the logo, and of course a hashtag.
  4. Community
    During an episode where the gang goes into a space simulator sponsored by KFC, it's decided they shouldn't hand out KFC food to reporters because they think it would look like product placement.
  5. The Office
    Staples was integrated so well I didn't even consider it was probably done for money.
  6. Mad Men
    So many accounts were product placement. But an ad company is the perfect ruse! In fact, I think we would feel less involved in the show if the products were made up. By being real, we instinctively have a connection with them and know how important they are (or aren't). (Also, not every brand paid to be in the show, but some did.)
  7. Jane the Virgin
    There was even a wink and a "ping" sound to go with Xo hugging the box of Honey Bunches of Oats.